Experience the cultural beauty of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups at Au Lac Legend

With a history of 4,000 years, Vietnam contains a rich culture and unique beauty of 54 ethnic groups. There are golden forests - silver sea and ancient trees are considered as gods who always protect and bring peace to everyone. Understanding and appreciating such precious things, Au Lac Legend provides visitors with a voyage to discover modern space while staying here. Au Lac Legend is a must-see when visiting Saigon, thanks to its aesthetic design with a cultural touch and accessible facilities and services for all visitors..

When visitors enter the hotel's main lobby, they will be enveloped in a space that combines the traditional elegance of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups with the rustic colours of nature. The brown wood materials and the green shade indicating the forest trees are expertly mixed with the colorful windows, producing the feeling of being immersed in a room with a distinctive Au Lac identity.


Every step through the hotel corridor to the room, the guests seem to be walking with the journey to discover the mountains of Vietnam from the majestic images of mountains, forests, and terraced fields.

At Au Lac Legend, the national beauty expressed in every detail is the color of the mountains, Vietnamese life and customs.