Culinary experience combined with national culture

Saigon is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors, not only because of its famed cultural and historical buildings or the current bustle of nightlife, but also because visitors learn about Vietnam's unique culinary culture via exquisite traditional dishes.

Coming to Au Lac Legend Hotel, visitors not only enjoy Vietnamese food via the usual tastes of the North - Central - South dishes, but also learn the culinary story of traditional specialties from the chef of Au Lac Legend, including the name, ingredients used, and normal processing.

The dining venue at Au Lac Legend has its own strong identity and colors, but it always maintains the spirit of engagement between cultural beauty and the breath of modern life, resulting in a light and welcoming culinary atmosphere. Worship without a sense of separation.

At Au Lac Legend, you can choose to enjoy the rich and delicate flavors of the cuisine of three regions of Vietnam, the quintessence of Asian cuisine, or come to the open natural space of 'YLang Rooftop' to experience delicious European-style dishes, sip a glass of wine by the Jacuzzi pool, and watch the beautiful night view of the city while listening to soft music and typical ethnic sounds - a rare cultural beauty.

When you visit Au Lac Legend's culinary area, you will always have many options for saving your wonderful experiences, from family gatherings to amazing romantic moments. Relatives and partners will dine together beneath the starry night sky and glowing candlelight.


Nothing compares sipping drinks or good wines with friends under the night sky, chatting and dancing to the music at the hotel's 'garden between the stars,' which is located in the hotel. At night, the top floor is covered in fresh natural green patches that enjoy the busy city scene.