Preserve the beauty of Vietnam

Four things make Au Lac Legend proud.


• Nature • Modernity • Ethnicity • Generosity


The feature of the green space is its intimacy and environmental friendliness through the use of natural materials (wood, glass, ceramic are meticulously hand-made, ...). Quality contemporary with modern facilities, suited for all visitors such as vibrant young guests, family visitors, busy entrepreneurs. Vietnam is tightly packed with the distinct cultural traits of 54 ethnic groups, where golden woods - silver oceans - and ancient trees are honored as gods who constantly guard and provide peace to everybody. Au Lac Legend Hotel seeks not only to maintain the physical traits of Vietnamese ethnic groups, but also to learn the wonderful spiritual qualities of the Tay, Ede, Dao, Thai, and H'Mong ethnic groups. Au Lac Legend Hotel communicates via the quality of service, as well as the hospitality and kindness of each individual here, so that every guest that comes is greeted as a homie.

Au Lac Legend Hotel maintains the distinct cultural quintessence of 54 ethnic groups and is appreciative of Vietnam's great heritage.


The Au Lac Legend Hotel is located on one of the most beautiful avenues in Saigon's District 1. From the hotel, you can zoom into Saigon's "heart," where Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, Independence Palace, Turtle Lake, Dong Khoi Street, and other attractions are just a few minutes' walk away.

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Providing a quiet area, light and exquisite decoration with furnishings, Au Lac Legend Hotel attempts to provide visitors a nice and comfortable sensation as if they are immersed in a world touch of elegance.

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At Au Lac Legend, we aim to not only provide our visitors with a pleasant feeling like they are at home, as well as a deep sleep that helps to replenish positive energy, but we also want to build an ideal place. Au Lac Legend Hotel strive to make sure that every experience here is comprehensive and unforgettable for our visitors.

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Au Lac Legend Hotel is committed to offering visitors with a culinary experience "tour" and a program to learn and cook Vietnamese foods in order to better understand the flavor and how to prepare beloved Vietnamese specialties, such as spring rolls, pho, vermicelli, spring rolls, banh xeo...


When entering the Au Lac Legend Hotel's main lobby, visitors will be engaged in a space enriched with the unique beauty of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. Inspired by huge tree trunks, the main hall design with wood material and green flora highlights, as well as natural materials such as ceramic and glass, will bring visitors closer to nature.

Deluxe Double Room

This pleasant room, with exquisite colors and plenty of space, provides the comfort of a stay in Saigon. From brocade motifs showcasing nature's eternal harmony to marble tile floors and soundproof facilities, these elements will provide ultimate relaxation while also adding a playful touch.  Au Lac Legend – Deluxe Double Room take care of the best time of your stay here. Room features, such as a comfortable bed and high-quality materials, enable you rest in the ample space.


Executive City View Room

With two large windows offering fantastic views of the city, Executive City View Room offers you an airy, open space. The room is furnished in a classic style and incorporates cultural quintessence elements such as symbols from legends and myths. Executive City View Room at Au Lac Legend aim to create a harmonious and pleasant whole in which you may experience its own appealing elements, similar to the "charm" of Vietnamese culture.