What to do in Saigon during your vacation?

Although Ho Chi Minh City is not as big as other cities in the world, there is a lot for you to explore and experience depending on how long you stay here.


For a short trip (under 3 days), you should try Vietnamese food as much as possible. Many foreigners find Vietnam's culinary arts attractive and make the country stand out from the rest. Com tam, Pho, and other types of vermicelli are extremely attractive dishes and should be tried once in your life. Besides, it is impossible to miss the attractive street food on the roads.


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In addition to food, shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is another top item on this vibrant “to-do” list. For the full experience, you should not only go to famous shopping malls like Parkson or Diamond Plaza but also go to the local market near Au Lac Charner hotel. Ben Thanh Market attracts a lot of visitors due to its wide range of items, especially souvenirs with reasonable prices.





Clubs, bars, cinemas, concerts, and cafes should also be listed in the options to experience Saigon at night.