Rich and diverse cuisine inspired by Indochina

Vietnam is a country with a strong and a diversified culture, and its cuisine is a mirror that reflects this most effectively. Our country has a culinary variety inspired by French culture during the French colonial period in the 1880s, and these foreign dishes, like those of Japan and many other nations, have been added to the national identity, making them distinctive and "branded" native.




Nowadays, the enjoyment of drinking delicious tea is no longer common and tea shops have disappeared. Tea drinking culture was replaced by coffee drinking culture. Coffee was imported into Saigon and Cochinchina by the French at the beginning of the French colonial period. Coffee spread quickly from Saigon to the mainland, especially when coffee plantations were established. Every morning, civil servants, workers from the well-to-do to the common people, workers and workers drink coffee while having breakfast at the majority of Chinese restaurants before going to work. In 1920 also because a Chinese coffee shop on rue Hamelin (present-day Le Thi Hong Gam) increased the price of coffee from 2 cents to 3 cents, the customers, mostly workers and the poor, protested, and from There is a movement to boycott Chinese restaurants.

However, tea is still widely consumed in every home in Saigon and Vietnam. In other countries, such as China, Japan, and England, tea is regarded a traditional national drink in everyday life traditions and habits. In France and continental Europe, coffee culture is at the forefront.


ẩm thực phong phú, đa dạng




The French started drinking coffee in the 1600s, meaning their coffee culture was preceded Vietnam ... almost 200 years ago. This drink was brought into the territory of our country in 1884. Yet after the French left, this drink remained with us to this day and developed into one of the most unique and famous culinary cultures in the world. Even though Vietnam has not grown coffee before, it has a perfectly suitable soil to grow this plant, to the point that Vietnam has become one of the largest exporters of coffee.


Dessert (Flan)


This dessert is known as caramel crème in France. The French caramel, which is produced from eggs, sugar, and milk, is similar to the Vietnamese counterpart. However, only flan cakes in Vietnam can be eaten with black coffee.

Originated from France, this cake is originally a creamy version, served with whipped cream or caramel sauce. However, Vietnamese people with frugal tastes and cooking principles with a variety of flavors have replaced the traditional French accompaniments with black coffee, bringing a mild but gentle bitter taste.